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Big things come in small packages… Sweet petite and oh so unique American Girl Eboni Kirkland was born December 2, 1983 in Washington, D.C.  Eldest of three children, Eboni has always been a fan of the arts. First taste of the stage came when at the age of 8; Eboni competed against teens and pre-teens for the Miss Teen Pageant title. “I remember this day so clearly, I was the youngest in the competition, and I had never been on stage before. My whole family was there and for my talent I danced to ‘Going up Yonder, by Walter Hawkins’ All white dress and wings lol”. Eboni was First Runner up in that competition. From there sparked a love for the spotlight.

As time progressed, Eboni did more pageants, performed at different events and grew as a stage performer. Where ever there was a crowd or camera Eboni was there to steal the light. Shortly after entering High School, Eboni began to dabble into photography. “ I took a photography class while in high school, I went to a Visual and Performing arts school. And I LOVED it, One day this guy who was a senior, asked me to model for him for his final project and I was unsure, and nervous because I was use to dancing and performing, now I’m being asked to sit still but perform at the same time. I told him yes and after seeing the finished product, I kinda shifted gears.”

There are different types of modeling and modeling isn’t for everyone. But for Eboni she fell in love with runway. “I guess I felt like with runway I am still able to perform and be on a stage so to speak. I get that same rush, like when I use to dance”. With the height of 5”3, runway gigs didn’t come as frequent as Eboni would have liked. The normal height for a runway model is 5”7 and above. Not letting that stand in her way, Eboni continued to go for casting and calls for runway shows. Chosen a few times and also over- looked.

After graduating high school Eboni enlisted in the United States Army where modeling and dance came to a halt. “Other soldiers used to ask me what I was doing in the military. We had Radio Call names that we used during field training and my Platoon Sergeant gave me the Call sign Battle Barbie. Eboni served 8 years in the military and thinks about re-enlisting from time to time. There were lots of opportunities for Eboni while serving in the military, one being tuition assistance. “ College was one of the main reasons I joined the military, I had to make sure I was financially able to further my education and I didn’t want the stress to be on my parents”.

Eboni was accepted into Coppin State University, located in Baltimore MD. Majoring in Sports Marketing, Eboni quickly got back into dance. “ I tried out for the Dancing Divas Dance troupe my freshman year and stayed on until I graduated. Modeling was still second to Dance for Eboni.  While at CSU, Eboni ran for Miss Coppin State, and came in second place earning the title Miss Blue & Gold. This opportunity led to numerous functions and events where she had to speak, and take pictures. “during my time as Miss Blue & Gold  I did a lot of networking, I met so many photographers that would come up to me and ask if I was a model, and I would always reply, no.”  Although college opened a lot of doors, modeling still did not take precedent over dance. It wasn’t until after graduating college did modeling defeat dance.

After graduation, Eboni’s modeling career took off. Research, Networking and just being in the fashion loop helped Eboni book gigs and land castings. Starting out with the love for runway, Eboni realized there is no future in runway for and quickly began learning and understand Print/Catalogue. Eboni is currently building her portfolio that will market her has a petite, print model. “ I have the knowledge the personality to make it in this industry and I will”


All time goal is to be on the cover of EBONY magazine. 
Become the face of a brand of clothing for petite models
A spread in an editorial magazine

Recent Projects

I am an advocate for helping those less fortunate. I am in the process of constructing a Fashion show called “Strut your Stuff” all clothing modeled in the show will be donated to a charity for Woman.

I am also, putting together a clothes drive, whereby people donate bags of unwanted clothes, men and woman and the person who donates the most/heaviest bag will when receive a one night stay for two at The Historic Hotel Brexton, Located in Baltimore Md.

Jazzy Photos
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